Just in case you didn’t know this about me... I’ll try to make this clear, so we can find some kind of understanding. Its the moments I’m sad, that I become weak...LATENT AUTO BIOGRAPHY

Narc Love

Called you crying on the phone today wish I could forget the words you chose to say don't know why I ever thought it would go any other way and it just keeps going on in my head like an ipod that's stuck on replay


Shakened and Distraught Who would have thought That in a complete moment All that hard work Shamelessly forgot

Lord, Give Me Life & I shall live it in Glory

If you haven't heard this already, take the time to listen to this today. Music like this is what brought me out of the greatest depression I had ever known. Happy Sunday!

Arisen Spirit of Awakening

once upon a miracle, she hated her life so painfully. Then one day, she came upon her wretched destiny...

My Own Worst Enemy

As I wade through these shallows, of self-pity and need… My mind urges me ever so fright-ly, to wander upstream. Craving perspective, as the delightfully.

Same Shit, Different Day

I don't really know how to even start this thing... or what it is even thought to be?


ANYMORE WRITTEN 2017 | PUBLISHED 2021 My heart's given up,It's lost somewhere on the floor. Probably took off,With the girl I was before. Now fighting for my life,Feels like a chore. And man am I so fucking sick of cleaning... I've rid myself of the trash,You all keep bringing.


For my dear friend...


My family was all I ever had, now I'm on my own growin up in the real world, from smokin spice to selling weed